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Description of Note Crypt Donate / Pro

Keep your notes safe and secure with Note Crypt for Android!

NO Internet permission required! You are sure that your notes are safely stored only on your device and not uploaded to an unknown server.


At the first start you need to choose the name of the database (only the name or the complete path in memory) and press the Create button.

After choosing your password, you can open the database pressing the Open button.


Note Crypt Donate / Pro has extra features like:

• Auto create an hidden backup database for prevent loss of data if there are errors while saving (saved with the name ."database name")

• Auto close the database, after 5 minutes, if you didn't and the current active application isn't Note Crypt (eg. If you exit with the home button). By doing so at the next opening of Note Crypt you need to re-enter the password for read your notes.

• Ability of search through your notes.

After installing Note Crypt Donate / Pro, you can uninstall Note Crypt (Free version) without loose your notes.

Note Crypt allow you to:

• Create different encrypted, with password, database (files).

• Add new notes in a database choosing for each of them: title, tags and text of the note.

• Filter by Tag the list of the notes.

• Mark the notes as important by clicking the star icon.

• Sorting notes by alphabet or creation date.

• Change the password of an existing database.

• The database is encrypted with AES 128 bit, using cipher-block chaining (CBC), PKCS5Padding and a random IV generated at every save.

For the KDF is used a random salt and PBKDF2WithHmacSHA1.

If you forgot your password, the notes will be inaccessible.

With the next updates more features will be added.


Now the default database location is the folder NoteCrypt on your external memory (eg. /storage/emulated/0/NoteCrypt)

If you have any questions or problems, please let me know at denittis.ludovico@gmail.com

If you like to stay up to date about Note Crypt, follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/LuNittis

Note Crypt created by Ludovico de Nittis.

Special thanks: Damiano, Lorenzo Andraghetti (icon of Note Crypt).

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